C.D. Anterior Remodeler Tops the List of Popular Anterior Drive Appliances

The most prescribed anterior drive appliance is the C.D. Anterior Remodeler according to Johns Dental Lab. Here is the list of top four anterior drive appliances:

  • #1 – C.D. Anterior Remodeler
  • #2 – Sagittal (Removable)
  • #3 – Wilson Mandibular Quad Action
  • #4 – Transforce Sagittal

What makes the C.D.

Flexible Partial Dentures; Johns Dental Lab

Doctors like flexible partial dentures, made with Duraflex or Valplast materials, because they are ideal for unilateral restorations. Patients like flexible partial dentures because they are comfortable, esthetic and odor resistant. The material consists of a biocompatible thermoplastic resin with unique physical and aesthetic properties. Its translucency, with veined acrylic in two shades, provides a natural blend with the patient’s natural tissue tone.

Gonzalez Distalizing Appliance; Treatment Before Braces

The Gonzalez distalizing appliance, also referred to as the Greenfield appliance, distalizes molars on either the upper or lower arch.

“I believe in having the molars in the proper Class 1 position prior to starting full banded treatment. This distalizing appliance gets the molars in Class 1 faster than any other appliance I have used.”

Terec Members Celebrate 30 years

Johns Dental is one of 14 independently owned dental labs dedicated to the mission of bringing leading edge technology to dentists and their patients. Terec members met in 2014 to discuss the latest trends in dental technology while celebrating their 30 year milestone. Johns Dental Is proud of its founding membership.

Lateral Expansion Appliances

Only 4% of the population have enough room for 32 teeth, which makes the crowded arch the number one enemy for an orthodontist.

At Johns Dental, we have made widening arches a little easier through our “expanded family.” Shown here are some of the most prescribed lateral expansion appliances. The Banded Hyrax (shown at left) offers slow to quick expansion up to 12 millimeters.

Snodgrass Appliance Offers Dual Expansion

The Snodgrass expansion appliance offers the benefit of two appliances in one. Doctors enjoy lateral expansion first, followed by the option of molar distalization. Johns Dental can pre-activate the distalization capability if desired. The convertible caps on the lingual of the molar bands make additional adjustments easy. The Snodgrass appliance is used before bracket placement.

Zirconia Solutions Include Zirlux Crown

As insurance issues continue to squeeze profits from the dental practice, Johns Dental Lab has identified Zirlux as a full contoured, all-zirconium crown that is priced right. Zirlux is not only affordable, but it is a modern example of high-tech strength and glazed beauty that’s still made in the USA.

Doctors will enjoy this restorative crown with excellent translucency,

Stop Referring Minor Alignment Cases

More general dentists are keeping minor orthodontic alignment cases in house in order to boost profits for their practice. Not too long ago, dentists would routinely refer out all of their orthodontic cases for a variety of reasons. Today, as dentists look to improve their bottom line, many have found keeping minor alignment cases beneficial.

Sagittal Appliance Starts More Ortho Treatment Cases

The removable Sagittal appliance starts more orthodontic treatments than any other appliance. The Sagittal has been a trusted workhorse by providing consistent anterior-posterior development. Doctors have also found the minor lateral expansion option appealing when developing either the lower or upper arch.

Johns Dental Lab offers a variety of Sagittal designs allowing doctors to customize their treatment needs.

All Zirconia Crowns Improve Allergic Concerns in Dentistry

All zirconia restorations continue to grow in demand due to its biocompatible material, dependable esthetics, wearability, resistance to fracturing, light reflection and long term appearance around the gum line. All zirconia crowns are made with the same biocompatible material used in other medical applications that include artificial joints. Consequently, patients may find fewer allergic reactions to zirconia.