ClearBow vs. QCM Bow

The demand for esthetic retention appliances is growing. Two of the leaders in this category are the QCM bow and the newer ClearBow. But what are the differences and advantages of both? Johns Dental Lab compared a few important features and benefits.

  • 1). APPEARANCE: There doesn’t seem to be a noticeable difference in appearance between the two versions. The ClearBow acrylic is slightly thicker and maintains contact with each tooth along the arch, while the thinner QCM Bow allows for moderate contouring between each tooth.
  • 2). STRENGTH: Both claim to use strong material. We have made several appliances of each type, and we are not seeing any evidence of breakage of either bow.
  • 3). ATTACHMENT CLASPS: We do see a difference in how each are connected to the appliance, but we are not finding excessive breakage problems at the connection points.

So, if there are no significant differences in looks, strength or fabrication where is the difference? Here are the two differences that we believe are worth noting:

  • 1). FUNCTION: Some lecturers say both are strong enough to move teeth, however, at Johns Dental Laboratories we feel more comfortable using the QCM bow strictly for retention, while recommending the more durable ClearBow for minor tooth movement.
  • 2). PRICE: The second biggest difference we see is in price. The ClearBow is currently 40% cheaper in cost.

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