Twin Block

Johns Dental offers several unique Twin Block designs that achieve Class II correction using inclined occlusal blocks to hold the mandible in a Class I forward position. The original design by Dr. Clark is still the most requested version and offers better aesthetics.

Other versions include a design by Dr. James Broadbent, typically intended for adult patients, which has no upper anterior acrylic, encouraging improved speech. Dr. Derek Mahony’s version eliminates the need for a second phase appliance to erupt the bicuspids, and Dr. Jay Gerber’s design offers a fixed version that is not only good for non-compliant patients, but also improved neuromuscular stability.

Also available is the McNamara Twin Block version available from Johns Dental that is often used with U.S.D.I. doctors. Midline and sagittal screws are available on most designs to help develop the arch during treatment.