Many of our doctors have common questions about treatment options or Johns Dental’s procedures. To save you time, we compiled our most common questions and put answers at your fingertips. Can’t find the information you need? We’re always available by telephone: 800-457-0504

How can I tell what type of attachments I have?

Email a photo of your case to support@johnsdental.com. Our technicians can usually identify it.

Can you create custom implant abutments?

Our CAD/CAM workflow provides the capability to digitize impressions or models, design abutments specific to each case’s needs and fabricate them with exacting precision.

What material options are available for custom abutments?

Custom abutments are fabricated from Grade 5 titanium or zirconia for premium esthetics.

What do I need to include when I submit an orthodontics case?

We need working & opposing models (aka upper and lower models), bite registration and a signed and completed Rx form.

What appliance do you recommend for minor tooth movement?

Star appliances or Spring retainers are our most popular appliances for minor anterior tooth movement.

How long do patients wear star trays?

With full compliance, most patients only wear each tray for two or three weeks.

What habit appliance would you recommend?

We provide a wide variety of habit appliances in order to provide individualized treatment. Visit our Habit Appliances page

Should we pour bands into the impression?

Please send bands separately from the impression. Our technicians will fit them on the model when we fabricate the appliance.

Do we need to remove bands or brackets before taking impressions for retainers?

You always get a better fit if bands or brackets are removed before taking impressions. If that’s not possible, we can trim them from the model before fabricating the retainer.
For cases that require vacuform retainers, removal of bands and brackets before impressioning is mandatory.

Does Johns Dental provide an insurance program for orthodontic appliances?

The JDL 50/50 Replacement Program provides two years of protection for only $25; replacement appliances are replaced for $50 or 50 percent of the cost of the original appliance, whichever is greater.
Visit our JDL 50/50 Replacement Program page for more information.

What are your policies regarding remakes and repairs?

We guarantee appliances fit the models provided. We will remake any appliance that doesn’t fit at no cost.

What are your repair policies?

All appliances are guaranteed against breakage due to normal wear for three months after purchase. All repairs in the three-month coverage period are made at no cost. Fixed appliances receive additional coverage: For three to six months after invoice, we provide remakes for 50 percent of the appliance’s original cost. Always send in broken appliances whenever possible, as they may be repairable.

What if I need to discuss a case before it’s fabricated?

Just check the “Please contact me” box on the Rx form under the address section. Our technicians will be in touch as soon as it arrives to ensure your case receives the attention it deserves. Please note that if this box is checked, we will not begin production until we discuss the case with the staff.

Do you offer a full-contour zirconia crown?

Yes, our full-contour zirconia crowns are strongly recommended for use in posterior restorations, particularly when occlusal clearance is close.

Do you have a zirconia solution for the anterior indications?

With recent advancement in all ceramic materials we are now able to offer a superior full contour zirconia for the smile zone. Our anterior zirconia rivals lithium disilicate for aesthetics while offering superior strength.

Do you outsource your production?

No, to ensure consistent quality we fabricate all of our restorations in-house using the latest CAD/CAM technology. Five-axis milling ensures consistent fit and the finest in marginal integrity and detailed secondary occlusal anatomy. In addition, having production in-house allows us to streamline  the supply chain, reduce turn times and improve quality.

What is the advantage of using an all-porcelain crown?

For patients, stacked porcelain crowns offer highest esthetics available. For dentists, it’s predictable costs: Without the cost of alloy that fluctuate with commodity costs, pricing is always stable.

Do I need a special cement for an all-porcelain crown?

Any cement or bonding agent with zero expansion is acceptable for all-porcelain crowns.

Do I need to prepare a special margin for an all-porcelain crown?

A modified butt shoulder prep is ideal, but with modern scanners and zirconia crowns, we can successfully scan nearly any type of prep and create an extremely strong substructure.

Do you make flexible partials?

Yes, Johns Dental Laboratories offers 3 options: Valplast, Duraflex, and the ClearMet.

Can you combine a flexible partial with a metal frame?

We often fabricate hybrid partials. For best results, we recommend hybrid partials on long, free-end saddle cases with very little tissue undercut.

How long does it take to fabricate a denture?

Due to the custom nature of the fabrication process each restorative option has its own in-lab time: Trays or bites take two days; try-ins and finishes three; setup and finish requires four to five days.
For case planning convenience, turn times for all of our products as well as shipping estimates are available on our Send a Case page using our Turn Time Estimator module.Turn times for all of our products.

What do I need to include on a bite restorer case?

Submit upper and lower impressions, bite registration and a completed Rx form.
Rx forms and free shipping labels can be printed directly from our Send a Case page