Gonzalez Distalizing Appliance; Treatment Before Braces

The Gonzalez distalizing appliance, also referred to as the Greenfield appliance, distalizes molars on either the upper or lower arch.

“I believe in having the molars in the proper Class 1 position prior to starting full banded treatment. This distalizing appliance gets the molars in Class 1 faster than any other appliance I have used.”
Dr. Ed Gonzalez, DMD

The Gonzalez distalizing appliance offers ease of treatment for doctors.

Doctors like this appliance because there are no screws or locknut adjustments to be made and there are no moving parts to malfunction. The nitanium springs deliver force from both the buccal and the lingual, keeping a constant even force for more predictable tooth movement. The Nance button on the premaxilla and the first bicuspid bands offer solid anchorage for molar distalization.

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