Sagittal Appliance Starts More Ortho Treatment Cases

The removable Sagittal appliance starts more orthodontic treatments than any other appliance. The Sagittal has been a trusted workhorse by providing consistent anterior-posterior development. Doctors have also found the minor lateral expansion option appealing when developing either the lower or upper arch.

Johns Dental Lab offers a variety of Sagittal designs allowing doctors to customize their treatment needs. We have Sagittal designs for the following case types:

  • Class l crowded with diverging cuspids
  • Class ll, Division l crowded
  • Class ll, Division ll
  • Class ll, maxillary arch slightly narrower than mandibular arch
  • Class lll
  • Lower arch that needs lengthened

For more information about any of these appliance designs call Johns Dental Lab for a free technical bulletin. Fixed versions of the Sagittal function can be found on our website listed as the CD Distalizer, Anterior Remodeler or Wilson Mandibular Quad Action.

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